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Family worm farm

Great for Kindergartens, Schools and Families to help educate kids about Recycling, Worm farming, Gardening and growing their own food! 


It's amazing how much you can harvest from a humble little Composta! 


worm farm herbs

Composta is a "mini kitchen garden" - perfect for balcony and patio gardening.  Herbs THRIVE in your Composta.


Lettuces, Kales and other leafy vegies grow profusely!


worm farm snow peas

Grow peas and beans with the addition of a cone trainer


worm farm microbes

Capture the liquid which drains from the Composta pot as it is rich in microbes and nutrients.  Feed it back on the Composta's plants or to other plants in your garden that need a boost.

Plants grow up strong and healthy, feeding on the a rich organic fertiliser created by the Composta's own worm farm. 


worm farm wheatgrass

Wheatgrass is a unique choice of plant for your Composta...and grows very quickly


Add a small trelis for your climbing plants