Frequently Asked Questions

What are they made from?

BPA-­free, UV stable, food-­grade plastic with a 50 year outdoor rating.

Where are they made?

Composta pots are proudly made under design patent on the Gold Coast.

What amount of food scraps can one take?

When your Composta is established and your worms have settled in and bred up (roughly 4-5 weeks from set up), we recommend feeding of around  two-three handfuls a day.  As your worm community grows it will process food scraps faster.  One Composta is usually perfect for the kitchen waste of 1-2 people.  If your needs are greater or you have a larger household, we recommend multiple units.  

What size is a Composta?

The Composta is 53cm in diametre and stands 52cm tall with legs attached.  You can fit up to 15 decent sized herbs without issue, as there is plenty of nutrition in the soil thanks to the wormcast, and your plants won't be fighting for food.   

Is there any items I should avoid placing inside the Composta?

Avoid Citrus, Onions and Meat (or any animal derived products).  These items will not kill the worms but as the worms will avoid them, so they will remain inside and attract unwanted vermin and smells.

What plants can I grow in it?

You can grow any plants you like!  Herbs and soft-­leaved veggies work wonderfully, however you can also grow strawberries, chilli plants, tomatoes, snowpeas and flowers with great success.  The soil is "Supercharged" from the worm cast so all your plants will grow healthy and strong.

What type of worms do I need for my Composta kit?

Composta requires special "Composting worms", which are not to be confused with everyday garden worms.  Look for varieties such as Red Wigglers, which are prolific feeders who enjoy living in organic matter.  You only need a small quantity to get started as they are great breeders and will double their numbers in as little as 2-3 months!  But don't worry, they are a self-regulating community, breeding only to the amount of space and food available to them.

How long will my worms survive?

Worms will continually breed as a community as long as there is food and moisture available. They have been known to live for a few months, or even up to 10 years! 

What potting mix do I use?

A basic, general purpose potting mix is fine. Coarser potting mixes work best as they offer better aeration and drainage,It is a good idea to add larger material eg,dark mulch to 20% also helps.

Where is it best to place my Composta pot?

The Composta loves a bit of sunshine, unlike your typical wormfarm.  Choose a position for your Composta which works with the type of plants you have chosen to grow in it.  Simply refer to the directions provided with your plants.  The surrounding garden will protect your worms from direct heat, cold and large temperature fluctuations.  The Composta comes in light colours, like White and Beige, these also reflect heat. 

Can the worms move around in the pot?

Yes, there are several holes in the centre canister to allow the worms to roam free.  Worms don't like their waste where their food is, so after feeding, they will look for another area to put their castings.  The outer garden provides them this.  They will typically go back to the very bottom of the centre canister where it is moist, dark and has a food supply.

How often do you need to water it?

We recommend watering the outer garden every 3-4 days in the cooler months, more in warmer months.  Just ensure the soil is moist.  We also recommend giving the centre canister a good flush of water (approx 1-2 litres) every fortnight.  This helps aerate the compost and also encourages worm eggs to hatch!