Just how does the Composta work?

The Composta is a simple but ballanced design,

*The composting worms go inside the centre canister via elongated holes to feed on your scraps, turning your scraps into fertilizer....the worms naturally do not want to poop in their own food source,so they go back outside the canister into the surronding potting mix to distribute their manure,directly near the roots of the plants which is awsome as it feeds the plants organically.

*The centre canister actualy converts alot of scraps due to the worms constantly feeding 24 hours a day.

*Every time you water the plants in the Composta (2-3) times a week, the liquid drainage that comes out is a beneficial microbal fertilizer,as the worm manure disolves readily in water,,its like a "tea bag effect" this liquid gold can be used on other plants or tipped back onto the Composta when watering the next time.

*Such a ballanced system that works great,and is easy for the customer to use.