Handy Hints for using your Composta

Handy Hints

*When setting up your Composta…, mix approx 30% Chunky bark
mulch or brown leaf waste,that can be collected from the garden,, with
a general purpose potting (mix through)
and this is used as the potting “mix” for the Composta.
Always fill your Composta to the top lip of the Pot.

*When planting out your Composta with seedlings,plant them in a
crisscross fashion,(not just in a circle)
Eg one seedling close to the perimeter of the pot,the next seedling close
to the centre canister etc etc and this allows maximum amount of
plants and lets your Composta look full and abundant.

*If you have a problem with bugs on your plants,mix a small dash (2
tsp) of dishwashing liquid with water (250ml) in a small spray bottle for
a soapy solution,and spray your plants above and its important to also
spray under the leaves,as this is where a lot of bugs hide,,the soapy
solution will get rid of most bugs.

*3-4 handfuls of crushed up brown leaves down the centre once a
month will encourage composting as the leaves will carry natural fungi
that helps with composting,and the leaves will also provide carbon and
structure/aeration to the centre composting mix..

*Don’t be afraid to give the centre composting section “A good flood” of
water every couple of weeks eg 4-5ltr….as this will turn the composting
material,release nutrients,help aerate…. and keep the composting system working well.

Good Luck! and any questions just shoot us an email.. team@composta.com.au