Getting Started

Setting up your new Composta - Garden & Wormfarm in ONE - is so easy!  Just follow the simple steps below.

Your kit will contain:
- 1 x Composta pot base
- 1 x Composta centre canister
- 3 x removable Legs
- 1 x bag of Drainage gravel 

1.  Push the three legs onto the pot base

2.  Place upright with canister in the middle of pot.

3.  Put gravel over the pot's single drainage hole.

4.  Holding the canister in the centre, fill the outside pot with potting mix all the way to top of the pot.  Take care not to put any potting mix inside canister - this is just for worms and organic scraps.

5.  Pop your seeds or seedlings in and give them a good watering

6.  Gently tip your Compost worms into the centre canister.  Please contact us if you need help finding a stockist.  

7.  Place a couple of hand fulls of kitchen scraps into the centre canister for your worms first meal.

Give your new worms a few weeks to settle into their new home.  When the first lot of scraps have gone down, add some more.  Once your worm community have bred up, they will be more efficient and should get through up to a handful of kitchen scraps a day.    

For more tips go to our FAQ tab or the "Helpful hints for your Composta" blog in our Blog tab.

Happy Gardening everyone,
Brad & Julie

*Please note due to carrier restrictions of our courier, orders placed after 6th July 2017 will no longer receive the free live composting worms.