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Wormfarm War On Waste: How An Aussie Company is Making a Big Environmental Impact.

The Composta helps everyday Australians passionate about reducing their food waste answer the overwhelming question: “where do I even start?”

AUSTRALIA, NOVEMBER 2019 - Queensland based, Composta Australia announce the highly anticipated update to their signature 2-in-1 wormfarm and garden. The product has revolutionised environmental sustainability, particularly in apartments and small spaces due to the size, style and ease of use. The Composta helps reduce kitchen waste going to landfills and allows everyday Australians to experience the joy of growing their own produce.

The compact 53cm diameter makes it ideal for modest spaces and has become a popular gift for professionals living in the city or families without access to a garden patch. The Composta gives everyone a chance to improve their environmental impact with a simple, easy to manage solution. 

With the recent environmental tragedies, many Aussies are not sure how they can make a difference and struggling to find answers in the overwhelm of media and sources. The Composta is a simple yet game-changing eco solution. Veggie patches are no longer reserved for the green thumbed, thanks to this genius design coming out of Brisbane, there is now a way for everyone to responsibly and sustainably approach food waste, reduce greenhouse gasses and enjoy growing their own produce. All while getting rid of that smelly, slimey kitchen bin and still living in the sleek city apartment. 

The popular product has become a cult favourite amongst environmentally aware influencers and celebrities due to the clean, space saving, easy to use, self-fertilising and water-saving features. With the Composta even making its way into the homes of famous pop stars and sporting legends. The new Composta has been designed with customer feedback in mind and now has a 33% larger composting section, improved lid design, 10% larger planter section and a sleeker refined finish. 

Composta Australia Co-Founder Julie Travis states “We have found that there are many Australians looking for things they can do in their home to make a difference and the Composta makes it simple, easy and fun. It allows people to connect with themselves and nature in a practical and accessible way regardless of space or postcode. Our mission is to help Australians take big strides with small steps with the new and improved Composta”

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We have helped thousands of Australia's to become part of a more sustainable future and dispose of their kitchen waste responsibly to grow lush, healthy organic produce at the same time. The Composta is proudly manufactured in Brisbane and is available for purchase online from and will soon be available at large retailers.

The co-founders of Composta Australia are Brad and Julie Travis, a passionate Gold-Coast based couple who dedicate their time and energy to supporting sustainable events, organisations and movements across Australia. They are both avid green thumbs and see the joy in connecting with nature, reusing resources and growing their own produce and wanted to share this with fellow Australians.

Brad Travis, the product designer, has an extensive knowledge and experience in horticulture which saw him understand the way nature works and the incredible ecosystems that are present each day. He wanted to take inspiration from mother nature and began working on his passion project which has now become a cult favourite in the sustainability space. 

The Composta can be found in schools, aged care homes, workplaces and apartments throughout Australia. The wide appeal and accessibility makes it popular with people from all stages of life from the young to the young at heart.