"I have had my Composta since July.  It's fantastic.  Plants are prolific, worms have multiplied 10 fold.  Gone are the days of the old stacked boxes.  A friend could not find my worm farm until shown..."
~ Marie

"Hi Guys, I could not be happier with my Composta I purchased at the BOGI fair in Brisbane recently.  The attached picture shows what a difference four weeks can make!  I must admit, I was dubious at first, but the results speak for themselves - I can't keep up with the lettuce (I've plucked them right down for meal after meal and they just keep bouncing back!), the eggplant is full of flowers and a couple of tiny little eggplants, the tomato is full of fruit.  I wouldn't have imagined everything I planted would progress so quickly to the point of bearing such amounts of fruit in only four weeks.
As an added bonus, I'm no longer throwing away all my kitchen scraps, and am actually eating better because I want to feed up my worm buddies!  What a wonderful product, I've recommended to all my friends. :)"
~ Libby

"Such an amazing idea.  My children have their own and absolutely love looking after their worms and plants.  Thank you so much Julie and Brad"
~ Karla


"Love the colour and it is nice and big..."
~ Kathy 

"The Composta is going great!  I have sent the website link to so many people as they cannot believe I (who kills everything) can grow herbs!!!..."
~ Lu 

"Fantastic product.  Easy to use and great results for plants"
~ Janelle 

"...I thoroughly enjoy it.  My worms are very happy and so I find my herbs really grow.  I am planning to buy another one everything grows well in them and they are very attractive for balconies or patios for herbs or flowers.  Just love mine"
~ Margaret 

"I have two and my plants are loving it!!!  All my friends are jealous..."
~ Elle 

"This will be the third Composta I've bought...2 were a gift for my niece and 1 for me.  We are both delighted with our Compostas, hers has pride of place on her front veranda growing herbs and mine on my back deck growing herbs, snow peas and baby lettuce.  The worms settled in right away and got to task.  I've had several types of worm farms over the years, this one beats them all.
Composta number 3 is a birthday present for my eldest son, he's an Agriculture teacher and a very busy dad who tries to find the time to grow a few edibles at home with his toddlers - I know the Composta will easily allow him and his children to recycle, grow and enjoy fresh food in a neat and compact way that will suit his busy lifestyle.  
Thanks for a wonderful Australian product."
~ Jenny

"Mia was absolutely THRILLED!!...
It was a great present, she's so excited about feeding her worms and watching her Pink Garden grow she told me today"
~ Jan 

"The Weston Preschool has a heavy focus on hands-on learning.  One of our lovely teachers came across the Composta product whilst researching, and it looked like it would tick all the boxes for helping the children to understand 'the lifecycle' of how food scraps can be recycled (added benefit of reducing waste from the preschool too!).
I spoke with Julie from Composta on a number of occasions, around their participation and support of the Weston Preschool...The entire process was seamless, Julie was amazingly helpful, prompt and very friendly.  The Composta systems arrived, assembled with ease and they are being utilised daily by the children as they learn.  
Thank you Julie and Composta for your generosity!
~ Gareth Burdon - Weston Preschool Parents Association - President

"Very sustainable and environmentally friendly.  We love having it for all curries and other food..."
~ Claudia 

"This product is brilliant and easy for novice gardeners like me.  Plus no more wasting food scraps which I really love"
~ Fal

"These are great, we got one for Christmas and it's easy to use and everything grows so easy in it!  Love it!
~ Jena 

"Cut out the dirty work by growing plants in a wormfarm.  Worms break down food scraps in the centre, then the nutrients go directly to your plants"  
~ Ally Jackson - Gardening Australia Magazine

"The Composta pot is the perfect gift for the gourmet cook who loves to use fresh ingredients but lacks a green thumb.  The Composta pot comes with everything you need to turn your kitchen scraps into a working worm farm and luscious herb garden"  
~ Good Food & Wine Show 

"Our Composta pot is looking a treat...."  "This pot has the centre container for putting composting worms and your food scraps in.  This all helps to feed your plants.  Such a clever idea for growing edibles and recycling in small spaces" 
~ Claire Bickle - Claire Bickle Gardening for the GoodLife  

"The Queensland Garden Expo was certainly a great success, and like everyone else we had the opportunity to seek out many new introductions presented there.  One of those was the new worm farm and garden all-in-one Composta....Happily, we have one in our own garden now, and are eagerly watching it start to perform..."
~ Valerie & Gerry Zwart - Horticulture Media Association of Queensland

"So easy!  This is my garden after 4 weeks. Snow peas, broad beans, kale, parsley, basil, Chinese cabbage, bok choi & curry plant, and all packed with natural nutrition" 
~ Karen

"Best idea ever for biodynamic gardening in a small house / apartment" 

~ Louisa 

"Love these awesome growers, complete with a little home for our worm friends!"

~ Stacey